Mission / Vision

Dato’ Chen Koon Chiew‘s Bungalow

Mission & Vision

Arkitek Daya Seni Sdn Bhd was established with the firm believe that the quality of design and service comes above all else. Towards this end, the firm has constantly sought to improve on the quality of its designs by evaluating each and every aspect of its projects through each stage as thoroughly as possible to come up with designs that fit the site, fulfill its functional and aesthetical requirements and are yet within the established budget. This does not however mean that the designs cannot be innovative and technologically superior. The staff of Arkitek Daya Seni Sdn Bhd, as can be seen from their backgrounds, have strong technological backgrounds and wide International exposures.

To uphold the quality in its service and the completed buildings, ADSSB undertook to establish ISO 9001:2000 procedures into all its design and implementation processes in 2007 and obtained its ISO 9001 : 2000 certification in 2008. This was updraded in 2009 to the ISO 9001 : 2008 certification.

The combination of aesthetically innovative and technologically superior designs which are within the established budget is what Arkitek Daya Seni Sdn Bhd is about. Towards this end, the firm has always been at the leading edge of technological developments. In 1988 the firm acquired the then top of the line 386 computer for carrying out CAD (Computer Aided Design) works and has continued to upgrade its equipment since then. Currently the firm has several AUTOCAD & REVIT based design and drafting work stations.


Where to find us

For directions to our office take a look at the Google map below.

  • Arkitek Daya Seni Sdn Bhd
  • Address - 39 OG Business Park
  • Jalan Tan Yew Lai
  • 58200 Kuala Lumpur
  • Phone - 603-77855180
  • Fax - 603-77855113
  • Email - adssb1@gmail.com

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