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Architecture Services

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Architecture Services

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Architecture Services
Scale of Basic Fees
Schedule of Fee Payment
Discounts for Repetative Works
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Scope of Basic Services

      The services to be provided during this phase are –
    1. taking the client’s instructions and analyzing the project brief;
    2. preparing preliminary conceptual sketch proposals to interpret the project brief;
    3. developing the preliminary conceptual sketch proposals into sketch designs to a stage sufficient to enable an application to be made for planning approval or approval in principle to comply with relevant bylaws;
    4. preparing preliminary estimates of the probable construction cost based on current area, volume or other unit costs; and
    5. where applicable, preparing and submitting the drawings and other necessary documents to relevant approving authorities for either town planning approval or approval in principle.
      The services to be provided during this phase are –
    1. upon the approval of the proposals by either the relevant authority or the client, developing the schematic design drawings to a stage to enable other consultants to commence their detailed design work;
    2. preparing working drawings and submitting the same together with all necessary particulars to the relevant approving authorities to obtain statutory building approval;
    3. updating the preliminary estimates of construction costs and submitting the same to the client for his approval; and
    4. updating the project planning and implementation schedule and submitting the same to the client for his approval.
      The services to be provided during this phase are –
    1. upon the approval by the client of the updated estimates of construction cost and the planning and implementation schedule, preparing and finalizing the detailed drawings and other particulars necessary to the stage of completion adequate for bills of quantities to be prepared by an independent quantity surveyor;
    2. preparing all documents necessary for obtaining competitive tenders for the work;
    3. inviting, on behalf of the client, tenders for the work or collaborating with the independent quantity surveyor engaged by the client to do so;
    4. evaluating the results of the tenders and submitting a report and recommendation to the client;
    5. awarding the contract on behalf of the client; and
    6. preparing the contract documents either alone or in collaboration with other independent consultants appointed by the client for signature by the client and the contractor.
      The services to be provided during this phase are –
    1. performing all the functions and duties of the Architect under the terms and conditions of the building contract;
    2. providing information and issuing instructions to the contractor as required under the terms and conditions of the building contract to enable the contractor to proceed with the works ;
    3. examining the works program submitted by the contractor and to be satisfied that the works can reasonably be completed within the contract period;
    4. inspecting the works at periodic intervals so as to ensure that the works are being executed in general accordance with the building contract and to enable the Architect to certify the completion of the various stages of the works required in support of an application for a certificate of fitness for occupation for the relevant approving authority;
    5. where necessary, applying for a certificate of fitness for occupation of its equivalent from the appropriate authority ;
    6. accepting on behalf of the client, the works at various stages of completion; and
    7. providing a set of drawings showing the building as constructed and obtaining for the client the drawings of the building’s services as installed together with all warranties and maintenance manuals as provided for in the contracts.


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