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Interior design services

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Interior design services
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Scope of Work

    1. INTERIOR DESIGNER shall discuss in detail all Client’s requirements before submitting proposed preliminary designs & layout plan for Client’s approval. On approval, the Client shall sign on copy of the drawing to signify its acceptance. INTERIOR DESIGNER shall coordinate and consult with the appointed Architects and Engineers in relation to any structural or services requirements.
    2. Phase I is deemed to be completed after Client’s written approval of the preliminary layout drawings is obtained.
    1. Based on the approved preliminary designs & layout plans, INTERIOR DESIGNER shall submit complete colour scheme and specification board indicating both local and foreign purchases by Client for approval. The scheme shall clearly assist and form part of a tender document and at the same time referred to for better design control. Direct line purchases and future maintenance will be carried out by Client.
    2. INTERIOR DESIGNER shall submit elevation, sectional drawings and relevant drawings as part of the presentation for Client’s approval.
    3. Phase II is deemed to be completed after Client’s written approval of the colour scheme, specification board is obtained and when Client signs on all copies of presentation drawings submitted.
    1. INTERIOR DESIGNER shall submit detailed drawings and specifications for Client’s approval and for preparation of tender.
    2. These drawings will incorporate all locations and electrical facilities such as air conditioning supply and return grilles, power outlets and telephone outlets. Phase III is deemed to be completed when Client signs on all copies of drawings submitted.
    3. A provision of not more than 2 sets of any drawings or documents will be submitted
    4. for Client’s retention. Subsequent required sets will be chargeable as listed under REIMBURSEMENTS.
    1. INTERIOR DESIGNER shall assist in issuing quotation list and specifications together with a set of drawing and shall assist the Client in inviting bona fide contractors to quote for the project. INTERIOR DESIGNER shall assist and enlighten contractors on all interior construction details and also explain and assist Client in awarding the contract to the successful contractors.
    2. Phase IV is deemed to be completed when tender is confirmed and awarded.
    1. INTERIOR DESIGNER shall carry out Project Management during installation and construction period:
      1. To ensure good workmanship and compliance with specification, detailed drawing and contract documents.
      2. To ensure a sound and smooth coordination between contractors, nominated contractors and suppliers.
      3. To ensure compliance with approved time schedule with regard to purchasing, delivery of materials to site and installation or construction period.
      4. Hold inspection and supervision of works in progress with constant reports to the Client representative on progress of work until completion.
      5. Supervise the construction of mock-up if any, in accordance with the program agreed upon with the Client representative.
      6. At practical completion stage – INTERIOR DESIGNER shall establish a Defects List with the Client representative and the contractors.
      7. With regards to M&E works, INTERIOR DESIGNER responsibility shall be to advise the responsible party concerned when the work has to be carried out or when the workmanship employed is below an acceptable standard and/or causes damages to the finishing and looks of immediate physical environment.
    2. INTERIOR DESIGNER shall assist Client in assessing of contractor’s payment and to make recommendations accordingly. Certificate of Payment shall be issued by the INTERIOR DESIGNER upon approvals by the appointed Quantity Surveyor, if any.
    3. Phase V is deemed to be completed when the Site is handed over to the Client and the Client has accepted the works.


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